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Ink Techniques


Plastisol is the industry standard ink made out of PVC. It sits on top of the fabric and is very opaque, saturated, durable, and retains a high level of detail.

Soft Hand Plastisol

Soft hand plastisol is a printing technique with a thin application giving it a vintage look and feel.

Water Based

Water based inks are an eco-friendly alternative to plastisol inks. Water based inks work by dying the fibers of the garment, giving it a high-end look and soft feel. These inks are made for 100% cotton, light colored garments.


Discharge inks are another kind of water based ink that works by removing the dye from the fabric resulting in a print that is integrated into the fabric, rather than sitting on top of it. Discharge inks are made for printing on dark fabrics, as they allow for a bright, vibrant print without the need for a white underbase. Discharge inks are eco-friendly.


Polyester ink is a plastisol ink that cures at a lower temperature to ensure there is no shrinkage in garments containing polyester.


Puff ink is a plastisol based ink with a puff additive that when exposed to heat, puffs up to give your design a 3D effect.

Glow in the Dark

This ink really glows in the dark! Glow in the dark ink will need a light underbase to get the best effect.


Metallic ink contains small metallic flakes to give a shimmery look to your design.


Glitter inks add all the sparkle you could want to your print! Choose any underbase color ink you want and the glitter will go right on top.

Split Fountain

A split fountain is a printing technique where two or more different colored inks are placed next to each other in the same screen. With each pull of the squeegee, the inks will start to blend together to create new colors. No two prints using this technique will be identical.

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