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About Us

Jayson Taylor tribute

Our Story

     2nd Wind Printing started in the early 2000s in a garage much like many screen printing businesses, by founder Jayson Taylor (1972-2018). During the day, Jayson worked as a screen printer for other shops, then in the evening he would catch his "second wind" and work on his own jobs. After a few years, 2nd Wind had grown enough that Jayson decided to move out of his garage and into the Olive St Business Park.

     In 2008, Jayson and Cheryl met when he printed his first job for the cycling event company that Cheryl worked for at the time. They quickly became close friends and a few years later they became business partners. Cheryl managed the day-to-day operations of the business allowing Jayson to focus on the printing side of things which he loved. With this dynamic duo, the business quickly grew.

     In July 2013, 2nd Wind Printing incorporated. Shortly after, Jesse, known as Spite to his friends, came to work at 2nd Wind full time. A few years later, Megan joined the team part time to help manage the business and within a year she was here full time. By focusing on exceptional quality and customer service, Cheryl, Spite and Megan, along with the rest of the 2nd Wind team have continued to grow the business into Jayson's vision of one of the best screen printing shops in Santa Rosa.

Meet the Pups

These are our most valued team members!
Sponch Byrd

Emotional Support & Motivational Lead

Wagyu Byrd

Head of Security

Viggo Dhaze

Director of Borks

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